European Environmental Agency

Becoming the Change for the Future: Co-Creating a Learning Organization

Guiding the organizational transformation towards becoming future-proof and adaptive.


by Lieven Callewaert


As an agency of the European Union, the European Environment Agency (EEA) is dedicated to providing sound, independent information on the environment. With a mission to promote sustainable development and protect natural resources, the EEA is a reliable source of knowledge for policymakers and the public.

As the European Green Deal brings forth new regulations, the EEA – particularly its Natural Capital and Ecosystems department based in Copenhagen – has embraced an adaptive strategic and organizational vision.


To ensure a successful transition to this new structure, four critical building blocks were identified:

    • Expertise: Gain insights and know-how on what the new organization and strategy could be.
    • Engagement: Create a process for team members, all of whom are highly educated researchers and professionals responsible for European-wide research projects, to be involved in the transformation.
    • Mindset Shift: Foster a proactive culture shift for both the individuals and the organization, moving from being reactive to becoming proactive impact hosts for EC-departments.
    • Collaboration: Foster cross-team and cross-program collaboration to replace the linear project organization.

We supported EEA in adopting critical building blocks for a future-proof and adaptive organization, capable of meeting the challenges of the European Green Deal.

Our approach involved building a transformational journey and transitional space, hosted by different team leads, that covered action learning projects and participatory leadership sessions.

Our support included:

    • Assisting the design teams in preparing the building blocks for transformation.
    • Coaching the management team in leading the transformation and defining their new role.
    • Hosting and facilitating a 5-day retreat.
    • Delivering a co-created transformational journey plan with the department.
    • Facilitating the transformational journey with the core team.

One of the hardest things in change is finding that moment and the place where everybody in the team starts to see his part of the change.

— Head of Sustainability Transitions Programme, EEA

Our investment in building an adaptive organizational structure by facilitating the change in our people has been a very challenging, yet rewarding, sustainable step in our evolution as an organization.

— Hans Bruyninckx, Executive Director, EEA

"Love for all living creatures is man's noblest attribute." Charles Darwin

Lieven Callewaert


Lieven is a leadership and collaboration expert who partners with businesses to unlock their full collaborative potential. With a wealth of experience in systemic innovation and as an exceptional facilitator, teacher, and entrepreneur, Lieven excels in mobilizing collective intelligence that executives often overlook.



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