Embarking Together: A Retreat for a Newly Formed Leadership Team

Building a strong foundation to drive the transformation forward. In just three days.


by Nancy Bragard


Just recently appointed as global head of finance, our client faced the task of establishing a foundation of trust with his direct reports and preparing for a transformation of the finance function.

With the target operating model under review and the principles of the new organization already established, including a focus on agility and simplification, the client sought the guidance of Adviso to aid in the crucial team-forming stage that would require attention to both substance and form.


To achieve the desired outcome, Adviso implemented a bespoke approach that placed emphasis on creating a strong and cohesive team culture.

We organized and facilitated a three-day retreat for the 12 members of the Finance leadership team at a picturesque vineyard in Bordeaux. As it was the first time that the team was assembled, the event allowed the members to get to know each other, lay the groundwork for fruitful collaboration, and design the contours of their new organization.

For the occasion, Adviso enlisted the expertise of a change management specialist, a finance function transformation expert, a collective intelligence facilitator, and a yoga and meditation teacher.

Through various exercises, the team was able to understand each other better, develop a shared vision of a finance function that is a genuine partner to the business, and identify avenues for simplification and agility.

Set away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, amidst an historic vineyard dating back to 1611, and surrounded by nature, the team was able to engage in deep reflection and share personal, informal moments together, fostering trust, authenticity and mindful feedback. Within a remarkably short time, the team established a strong sense of unity, generated powerful ideas, and formulated a shared vision that could be easily disseminated to teams worldwide.

Following the retreat, Adviso continued to provide support to the leadership team and extended it to include managers through workshops and team-building gatherings.

"The higher you go, the further you see".

Nancy Bragard


Nancy is an expert in the awakening of collective intelligence and a firm believer of the empowerment conferred through participatory methodologies, bringing people together in conversation to initiate change. As a bi-cultural and bi-national Franco-American, she is also a specialist of intercultural management, sensitizing managers to the impact culture has on our attitudes and behaviors.



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