Chamber of Notaries in Vendée

Gathering 500 People Together to Improve Quality of Life at Work

Tackling delicate topics with care and cooperation.


by Fabien Vial


Will notaries still be needed in 10 years? The notarial profession, an ancient and atypical trade, is required to simplify and modernize its relationships with clients and transform itself to become an advisor in the future.

For the Chamber of Notaries in Vendée, which brings together more than 70 offices in the west of France, it became urgent to take concerted action on the theme of Quality of Life at Work to help offices approach these transformations with a positive and human-centered spirit.

The choice was made to bring together all the offices for an exceptional day of work with over 500 participants. The idea was daring: to literally bring notaries and their teams around the same table to directly discuss the delicate subject of the quality of life within the office.


Adviso was called upon by the organizer to bring its expertise in designing large-scale transformative events:

    • Development of the agenda: sequencing of sessions, management of flows, organization of speeches
    • Design of a giant World Café: formulation of questions and facilitation on the day of the event
    • And even curation of soundtracks for the occasion

The decision to choose the World Café as a format for the event was driven by several key factors. Firstly, the World Café helps promote a collaborative and participatory approach, enabling all participants to share their perspectives and ideas on the topic. This leads to a more inclusive and democratic conversation, with all voices heard and valued.

Secondly, the format allowed for the exploration of a wide range of themes and topics related to Quality of Life at Work, leading to more nuanced and comprehensive solutions.

It also fostered creativity and innovation, encouraging participants to think outside the box and come up with new ideas.

Finally, the World Café created a positive and engaging atmosphere, allowing participants to connect with each other and build relationships, ultimately contributing to a more positive work culture.

In what proved to be a transformative experience for many, participants engaged in deep, candid discussions regarding their internal managerial practices. For some, it was a novel opportunity to delve into such matters with refreshing honesty. As a result of these meaningful exchanges, initiatives were set in motion to strengthen active listening skills and foster more inclusive and participatory practices within the offices.

"Life is like a bicycle, you have to move forward to keep your balance." Albert Einstein

Fabien Vial


Fabien is the CEO and founder of Adviso. His innovative, people-centric approach has helped numerous organizations achieve success in navigating complex changes.



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