Mastering Global Teamwork

Helping a newly-formed global team build a thriving global spirit


by Nancy Bragard


In today’s hyper-connected business landscape, multinational corporations are faced with a critical imperative: the ability to operate seamlessly on a global scale. In pursuit of this strategic goal, our client confronted a critical challenge. They had recently undergone a significant organizational shift, bringing together 50 team members from diverse backgrounds and cultures, all operating under a new international management structure.

The success of this endeavor hinged on their capacity to overcome cultural differences and create a united, globally aware team. It was not merely an aspirational objective; it was a strategic imperative in an era where global competitiveness and adaptability define success.

The mission was clear: become more culturally aware, foster a global spirit, and elevate the team’s ability to operate cohesively on a global stage.

Adviso was entrusted with the challenge of promoting intercultural intelligence and kickstarting this transformative journey.


Adviso devised a unique and tailored solution, setting in motion a transformative journey that held the key to the client’s global success.

To address the client’s need for heightened cultural awareness and global team building, Adviso introduced WorldWise—a powerful tool designed to help organizations thrive in multicultural environments. This unique approach leverages the best practices from multicultural management research and is enriched by Adviso’s extensive experience with clients around the world. The goal? To empower teams to enhance their intercultural intelligence and global daily practices.

The first step on this transformative journey is the WorldWise Culture Profile. Each team member performs a self-assessment based on the nine dimensions of culture. By comparing their profiles, the team gains crucial insights into cultural differences, celebrates existing strengths, and pinpoints areas that require immediate attention.

With the focus on cultural differences, the team moves on to Step 2—The WorldWise Good Practices. With a treasure trove of dozens of  game-changing practices to choose from, all meticulously documented, the team addresses their areas of divergence. These practices serve as a playbook to bridge cultural divides and reinforce existing strengths.

During a first seminar, the team collaboratively identified ten concrete practices / actions that were aligned with their objectives. These actions were paired with a 12-week implementation plan, setting the stage for immediate progress.

As the team’s global scope is to expand, reaching beyond the borders of Europe to encompass Asia and the Americas, their journey had just begun and will meet with further cultural complexity. The global head of the team encouraged everyone to continue utilizing the valuable playbook of practices to navigate the challenges that lay ahead. With a newfound global spirit and a roadmap in hand, they are well-prepared for success in the ever-evolving global landscape.

In a world where global collaboration is essential for success, Adviso’s WorldWise game proved to be the catalyst for transforming a group of individuals into a cohesive, culturally aware global team.

WorldWise gave us improvement ideas we would not have otherwise identified.

— A participant


My newly formed global team got so much from the session; it was a real highlight.

Fabien and Nancy were fantastic. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again in the future as we expand our global team out further.

— Craig Broadbent, Service Management European Executive, AXA GO

Nancy Bragard


Nancy is an expert in the awakening of collective intelligence and a firm believer of the empowerment conferred through participatory methodologies, bringing people together in conversation to initiate change. As a bi-cultural and bi-national Franco-American, she is also a specialist of intercultural management, sensitizing managers to the impact culture has on our attitudes and behaviors.



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