Building a Game Changing Team

Making diversity of minds a competitive advantage.


by Fabien Vial


At the heart of Adeo, a global leader in home improvement retail, lies a team with a distinctive makeup. Comprised of both seasoned employees and fresh recruits, hailing from both traditional and digital backgrounds, this fast growing team boasts a unique perspective on the company, the industry, and the path to success. Their ultimate goal? To lead the rest of the organization through a major business and digital transformation.

However, their success is contingent upon their ability to effectively collaborate with the broader community. In order to facilitate this crucial partnership, the Adeo team has turned to Adviso for guidance in developing tools and strategies to foster team cohesion.


Adopting the MBTI as a framework, Adviso implemented a unique approach to build cohesion and collaboration within this team over a two-year period. The MBTI assessment tool, which categorizes individuals into 16 distinct personality types, was used to help team leaders and members understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses, improve communication, appreciate diversity, and resolve conflicts.

As an added measure, we implemented practical tools to cultivate managerial practices within the team, drawing – for instance – on the principles of improvisational theater. This approach provided invaluable insights into successful management, empowering team members to hone crucial skills such as effective communication, adaptability, creativity, collaboration, and confidence.

The team responsible for this engagement included management consultants, MBTI-certified facilitators, improv theater coaches and event managers, who delivered both digital and onsite sessions. This approach resulted in a more productive and positive work environment, where team members are better equipped to handle challenges and succeed in their roles.

It’s a great opportunity to challenge yourself and to grow.

— The BU leader

It was very interesting to discover how people can act in different situations.

— A participant

"Leadership is about having confidence in yourself and giving confidence to those around you. "

Fabien Vial


Fabien is the CEO and founder of Adviso. His innovative, people-centric approach has helped numerous organizations achieve success in navigating complex changes.



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