Embarking Executives on a Deep Transformation Journey

Empowering 150 executives to lead cultural and strategic transformation.


by Fabien Vial


The client in question is the global IT department of AXA, a major player in the insurance industry. Amidst a tumultuous period, the new leadership had set forth a clear strategy with an ambitious roadmap. The challenge at hand was to ensure a speedy and thorough adoption of this new strategy, the transformation it necessitated, and the mindset in which it should be executed.


To aid in this endeavor, the transformation director called upon Adviso to facilitate the cascading process across the organization. The ultimate goal was to ensure that all stakeholders were on the same page with the new direction and primed for the transformation that lay ahead.


As an old Romanian proverb reminds us, when sweeping a staircase, it’s best to start from the top. The same principle applies when cascading a strategy. Our first move in this undertaking was to organize a massive event for the organization: a 2.5-day seminar that brought together 150 executives from all corners of the world.

From designing the event objectives and agenda, to assembling a team of international facilitators, to training and coaching some executives in workshop facilitation, to handling logistics with an event agency, we were involved every step of the way.

Our aim was to create an event that would serve as a watershed moment in the life of the company – one that would energize the participants, instill confidence in their peers, and offer clarity to take action overnight as transformational leaders.

The engagement continued with the next step of supporting the managers in the implementation of the new strategy and transformation.

This is the best seminar of my career.

— The CEO

"A true leader does not need to lead. He just has to show the way."

Fabien Vial


Fabien is the CEO and founder of Adviso. His innovative, people-centric approach has helped numerous organizations achieve success in navigating complex changes.



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