La Poste

Agile at Scale for the Marketing Function

Delivering quicker and more customer-centric solutions to the market.


by Fabien Vial


La Poste, France’s largest public company, faces a monumental task: to keep pace with the digital revolution that has disrupted mail and parcel exchanges. As society changes, La Poste must adapt and reinvent its role and service offerings, which requires a more agile marketing function. The challenge is to create a customer-centric function and reduce the time to market of new offerings.


The solution to create agile marketing at scale was to establish a task force comprising strategy consultants and SCRUM agile coaches capable of triggering a massive and coordinated change within the marketing teams towards agility.

A comprehensive system was set up, including training, hands-on learning, and individual coaching. This helped the teams quickly adopt agile methods, tools, and – most importantly – its mindset to foster the emergence of new ideas, accelerate the offer design process, and enhance their ability to defend these ideas within the organization.

The first projects conducted using an agile methodology were co-facilitated by consultants. However, due to the quick learning approach taken, the teams soon became autonomous and were able to successfully manage new initiatives independently.

"Customers are assets that must be cared for and maintained."

Fabien Vial


Fabien is the CEO and founder of Adviso. His innovative, people-centric approach has helped numerous organizations achieve success in navigating complex changes.



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